Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other by trying to manoeuvre a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. There are many types of hockey including bandy, field hockey and ice hockey. At Arons Sports we cater for Junior as well as Senior hockey players, including the following footwear, hockey sticks and accessories:

Adidas Junior SUR GAZO Hockey shoes

A neccesity for any junior player who wants to look trendy when on the pitch. These junior shoes come in 2 bold colourways which cater for both genders and all age groups.

These shoes are made from lightweight materials and manufactured for a tighter fit. They’re built for speed and agility when on the field.

A bootee style construction on the upper ensures moisture and mud is locked out, keeping your feet dry even in challenging conditions.

Available colours: Blue/Orange & Shock Red



  • Top Choice of German International Moritz Polk, Jana Teschke & Cecile Pieper
  • Ideal for drag flicking and for offensive forwards
  • Round shaft for quick skills
  • Thin, stretched U-hook for mastering 3D skills
  • ‘Touch compound’ for improved grip on the ball, accurate trapping and handling
  • Individually layered carbon strands enforce hitting & sweeping power


MALIK Square 6 Composite Hockey Stick

Excellent value for money, low carbon content stick option. Suitable for beginners, allowing good ball control.
20% carbon, 5% kevlar, 75% glassfibre
Dribble Curve Mould

Voodoo Unlimited EII Hockey StickM

The LTD Unlimited is back again in 2017 with its sleek new design which embodies some of the best materials that are trusted by the world’s top players!

The V1 mould comes with a 23mm Mid Bow for the all rounder player, which will allow for powerful shots, tomahawks and the basic skills. The Maxi Head shape will help with ball control and stick skills.

The Paradox Range comes with a wide range of features including:

  • Soft Touch
  • Supa Light with no loss of power
  • Custom Sleeve of Aramid for maximum power and control
  • Nano Resin Tech
  • Double Aramid heel which helps reduce wear and tear
  • Used by Hockeyroo Gabi Nance


Gryphon Tour Pro Hockey Stick

The Gryphon Tour Pro Hockey stick has a stiff lay-up, offering power output and sharp first touch seen in no other hockey stick. The first touch is cushioned slightly by the handle-integrated silicon sleeve.

The moderate late bow will enhance dynamic skills without requiring major changes to perform the basics, assisting in all reverse and aerial skills. It comes fit with a smaller head allowing you to dribble with ease.

Used by the best players in the world, this range has no equal in the power arena. Constructed only from ultra-premium material including high processed Carbon, combining lightweight, high stiffness and high chemical resistance Kevlar and rearranged Fiberglass.

The TOUR range owes its unique feel to a structure of precisely balanced elements. To complement the most powerful lay-up on the market, an exclusive Silicon Sleeve Technology is added underneath the grip.

Gryphon Cushion Grips

The chamois material is a softer, cloth like substance that works just as well (if not better) in wet circumstances as in dry. It is relatively thin, pretty much a touch under the cushion grip. The Gryphon Chamois grip comes with an adhesive underside, so even after use the grip still remains in place and doesn’t twist.