Cricket is a sport where the balance of the player and the movement of the feet determine the fate of the player. That is why footwear, and in particular cricket spikes, are an essential component of the sport. Like every other aspect of cricket equipment, the development of cricket shoes has continued over the years, and its performance is continually improving.

One of the aspects of a good cricket shoe is its grip on the playing surface and under various weather conditions. All three disciplines of cricket (batting, bowling and fielding) benefit from maximised grip, and manufacturers cater for all three to fulfil the requirements of the cricketer’s personal preference.

The addition of spikes obviously made for a better grip in a cricket shoe. Bowlers can accelerate quicker on their run in and deliver faster balls. Shorter spikes allow for good grip on the grass when outfield players need to chase down balls and quickly change direction. Batsmen often choose cricket shoes that have spikes on half of the sole unit and rubber studs on the other half.

It is always useful to have a pair of shoes that can be converted to full spike when the player also has to bowl, and to full rubber sole when they need to play on an artificial pitch where spikes would damage it.

We have an extensive collection and a fantastic range of quality cricket footwear for great performance, all at a great price!


The Gunn & Moore Six6 Multi Function adult Cricket Shoe is a State of the art shoe built for the cricket pitch. Made with a non-stitch fusion upper, Nano-thin TPU component on the vamp and quarter minimises weight whilst maximising design, Ergonomic slip lasted construction for consistent sock-like fit, XLO air mesh provides supreme ventilation while the moulded TPR heel cradle locks the foot in place maintaining the shoe’s integrity. The added GM loPro sole unit offers a sleek athletic fit with strategically placed spikes for added grip on the pitch.


New Balance Ck4030r2

  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Mesh
  • Closure: Lace-Up


Puma EvoSpeed 1.4 Cricket Spikes are designed for agility. The upper features an abrasion-resistant soft synthetic leather, whilst the fully fused mesh windows on the quarter provide stability and breathability. The shoe’s anatomically engineered one-piece outsole supports the foot, and the lightweight EVA midsole provides more cushioning. It also features rubberised toe reinforcements, and a TPU sole plate with removable spikes. The Puma EvoSpeed 1.4 Cricket Spike is one of the lightest cricket spikes on the market.

Cricket shoes adhere to normal international shoe sizing standards which should allow you to easily select your cricket shoes based on the size of your other shoes. Do bear in mind that many players choose to either wear two pairs of socks or one particularly thick pair socks while playing cricket for added comfort whilst playing cricket. In some cases this will require cricket shoes a half size larger than your regular shoes. Some brands, though, deviate from standard sizing, like Adidas shoes, which tend to be somewhat thinner and up to half a size smaller than standard sizes, while Nike is often wider and up to half a size larger than standard sizes.
To lengthen the lifetime of your cricket shoes, look after them well!

  • Untie and loosen your laces before removing your cricket shoes. Failure to do so will over time reduce the support offered by the heel of your shoes.
  • Remove any dirt and grass from the soles of your cricket shoes immediately after use by banging them together or brushing with a stiff bristled brush.
  • After use in wet conditions DO NOT leave in your boot bag, but place in cool dry area out of direct sunlight.
  • Wash your cricket shoes in warm, NOT HOT, water as some materials may warp under high temperatures.