A cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment – the most important part of the game! We keep our stock up to date with the latest game changing designs. Some of the products we stock are Bellingham & Smith and Gray-Nicolls.

Bellingham & Smith Cricket Bats

The Fireball Bat from Bellingham & Smith is a non-oil bat made from the English willow. The face is covered in Fibre tape to give protection to the English willow blade to allow players better performance obtained from this wood at the best possible price. The blade is bowed for maximum performance. It is available in sizes 0–SH.

The Bellingham & Smith Fireblade cricket bat is also handcrafted from the English Willow. It is designed to provide increased hitting power in the strike zone without compromising on the balance of the bat. The weight is evenly distributed to ensure a superb feel and pick-up. It has a huge profile in the hitting area that ensures a ‘serious’ performance-based product. It has a subtle bow for additional power. Available in sizes 4–SH.

A Maverick is someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action, someone that doesn’t follow the crowd and makes his own rules. This bat is the essence of a maverick! It has a mid-blade sweet spot that provides maximum power from the rounded back of the blade. It has a unique F1 speed groove edge technology, which helps the player generate unrivalled bat-speed and ultimate rebound reward. The handle is the finest 12-piece cane handle, providing maximum feel through the blade, and the double-textured Zone Grip provides excellent control of the blade! The slight concave profile maximises pick-up and balance, and the new Speed Groove Technology improves the aerodynamics of the blade and increase bat speed through the ball. Available in sizes H-5.



We do bat refurbishments in store!


Good cricket gloves have leather inserts on the palms for better grip and control, the backhand is ultra light, the thumb and backhand are both ventilated, high-density foam is used for protection, and have Soft-Fill cotton linings for comfort. We offer a wide range of batting gloves in-store.


6-8 Years – XS Junior
8-10 Years – Small Junior
10-12 Years – Junior
12-14 Years – Youths
15 Years and Above – Medium

Cricket gloves should have a nice snug fit. If they are too loose, the palm will bunch up and cause discomfort, and the gloves will wear out prematurely. With gloves it is acceptable to allow up to 10mm (1cm) of extra room at the end of the fingers.