Arons Sports offers a wide variety of tennis racquets including the following brands:


Babolat Racquets

Babolat Racquets like the Pure Aero racquet brags with a more aerodynamic beam while providing a higher swingweight.

The design provides for a powerful swing, increased stability, and a boost in plow-through and comfort.

The wider spacing between the crosses increases ball bite, and enlarged grommet holes allow the strings to absorb more vibration, allowing the ball to be snapped out of the stringbed with a bigger spin.

Those who can swing this racquet fast, will experience excellent power in their swing, and increased control through impact.


Prince Tennis Racquets

Prince Tennis Racquets, like the Textreeme Warrior 100, take your game past ordinary!

The Textreme Warrior 100 is made of super thin carbon fibre, which maximises strength-to-weight ratio, and results in better control, power and feel. It is a lightweight racquet of which the weight distribution in the racquet provides for a fast and maneuverable racquet, maximizing the sweet spot.


Prince Junior Tennis Racquets

Prince Junior Tennis Racquets have reduced lengths, but offer a high quality piece of equipment to junior tennis players.

Racquet Sizing chart

48cm (19”) – Up to Age 5
53cm (21”) – Up to Age 6
58cm (23”) – Up to Age 8
63cm (25”) – Up to Age 10
66cm (26”) – Age 11+