We have an extensive range of cricket pads available, for senior as well as junior players, amateur or pro. To provide safety and protection for a batsman, you have to rely on distinguished brands. The right cricket pads not only protect, but also allow comfortable movement, and that’s why we hand pick our batting pads based on protective qualities, comfort and value for money, from the biggest names in cricket.

Our range includes Bellingham & Smith and Gray-Nicolls Batting Pads.

Bellingham & Smith Limited Edition Batting Pads

This is an ultra-light PU pad with a shaped instep. It has traditional cane protection in a seven-bar configured outer shell and angled top hat for unobtrusive batting.

The new knee construction contains fibre for extra protection and comfort. The pad is shaped to fit the shin and knee while it allows for a full range of movement.

The Bellingham & Smith Limited Edition Batting Pads provide excellent protection, is light weight and very comfortable.

Available in Boys, Youth, Men and Extra Large sizes.

Gray-Nicolls Batting Pads

Gray-Nicolls is a cricketing brand of great distinction and tradition, and their collection of cricket pads is up there with the very best.

The F18 range pads are made of premium grade leather and lightweight high-density foam, combined with additional features, such as Gel Zones, and innovative shapes which ensure comfort and protection.

The Oblivion e41 range uses a combination of traditional protection – cane rods and raw cotton filling – combined with modern high-density foams to provide dual layers of impact protection.

And the XRD range uses smart impact-absorbing XRD Foam – which is a durable, highly flexible foam that absorbs 90% of impact energy, and is breathable, antimicrobial and lightweight.

The Gray-Nicolls legend range is one of cricket’s most aspirational collection, embodying exceptional quality and performance.